Teketa Shine Crystal Mystic

Teketa Shine

     Teketa Shine is an authentic and talented psychic healer. Using her extensive knowledge of crystals, gemstones, metaphysics, and spirituality she merges seamlessly the worlds of magic and nature into a potent package of positive growth.

     Currently living and working her magic in the city of Orlando, she connects with many private clients in their individual healing needs. Facilitating private readings for parties and/individuals she strives to bring clarity to the lives of those in transition

     Trained in the community of Cassadaga,FL,  also lovingly referred to as the psychic capital, she has been exposed to many great teachers in her field and has had the opportunity to learn from many different spiritual practices.

     Believing that all things are interconnected, she utilizes the strengths of every walk of life to bring forward messages that are moving, direct and transformational.

     Teketa also teaches a variety of classes about crystals, intuitive development, reiki healing, crystal healing, psychic protection and more. She may be contacted for rates for individuals and groups. 


Crystal Readings    

Tarot Readings

Tea Leaf Readings

Psychic Readings

Candle Dressings

Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing

Public Speaking

Performance Art

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Chakra Alignments

Handmade Healing Jewelry

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