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Posted 248 weeks ago
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Posted 248 weeks ago

My Cover of Chelsea Wolfe’s song- Flatlands

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Loving observations of intentional vibrations of a new reality.

Why Spirituality?

Dissolve all that separates us universally, recognizing yourself in all things and helping others to help themselves.

Where things just keep getting better- how to transmute all experiences into beneficial energy for you through the art of intention.

What is intention? the object of motivation towards doing something. You get up from the couch with the intention to retrieve a beverage from the fridge.

Bet you think of twelve things on the way to the fridge= what if instead of those melodramas you’re analyzing if you thought things “on purpose” with intention to create your own reality.

IE: “I’m so grateful to have the beverage I desire.”

      “This water is cleansing my body as I take in every sip”

      “I’m so grateful to exercise my free will”

By bringing intention to the mundane things in your life you are able to transform your entire life into an alchemists lab.

A good friend once said to me “If you believe it, it’s true.” The statement has stuck with me through my life to better understand the idea that only YOU have the power to monitor your own perspective. The power of your thoughts is enormous!

How many times has something someone else told you sent you spiraling down a path of negative thoughts or observations about yourselves, others, or a situation? How many times have you then become upset about it and everything else that occurs to you in that day?

Or, the opposite might occur!

You receive a bit of good news- someone you care for tells you that they love you for the first time. You might get a promotion, a good grade on an assignment, or a miracle occurs. A snowball effect for the positive occurs there as well! You smile and have enough optimism and enthusiasm to share with others- you are blessed with enough energy to do the things you’ve put off for weeks and suddenly things start falling into place.

What I’m saying is- What you focus on EXPANDS- so let’s focus on the things that we love in our life. What we want/ what would bring others joy- how to bring the most positive perspective to all situations.

It’s not that all of the challenging experiences cease to occur, we just navigate to find a more efficient way to observe them.

Judgement- a term we’re all familiar with - seems to lay in duality (positive, negative, black, white) When we observe that we have the power to observe ourselves making these judgements we can liberate ourselves through choosing only to judge our own intentions and not judge others paths.

Honoring our own decisions and not needing to condemn others for theirs.

Love is all that’s real.

What permeates time space and memory- what we feel full of and absent of that motivates us to do anything in life.

It is the most abundant and sought after free commodity in existence.

Love starts with Love- back to understanding of intentions;

when we focus on love for the small things, all large respond accordingly.

If there is an unresolved issue in your life, rather than play it over on repeat 30 times in your head, opt to send it love and watch it transform.


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Modest Mouse- Willful Suspension of Disbelief

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<p>Bernard Martin</p>

Bernard Martin

Posted 248 weeks ago
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Posted 248 weeks ago

feather and bow

strings pulled taught

whence plucked

of vibrations resonant

melodic in  tune

upon fibers stretched and pulled

give to snap when strummed too feverishly.

bend and send,

sound harmonious

when instruments

tired of being played

sets it’s base aflame

frame afire

thwarting all desire

of a new song.

tire of playing nylon

inaccessible to whim of nimble fingers

tire of the bow that strikes the face sideways

pulling with longing for expulsion through distortion

my spirit is not an instrument for your expression

dance, puppet, orchestrate

the lines and shape

your body makes

when danced with ordered thread

when the fire is lit

all wood burns


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Atlas Sound- Praying Man

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